Prime MMA Brock Lesnar vs Prime Undefeated Mike Tyson who would win?

Mike has tremedous power but lack defence and is probably limited to his boxing skills only, Brock has speed, power and a large moveset but his stomach problems and ability to take MIke's punches may be a problem, who do you think will win in a boxing mashup with MMA rules fight?


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  • im partial to brock lesnar. haha!!!
    but in all reality i thik mike tyson would win.


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  • Brock Lesnar doesn't have stomach problems. He had diverticulitis which happened because he chose (although rather stupidly) not to eat vegetables. He basically ate meat and potatoes every day and shitting tree logs like a savage.

    Most people who get diverticulitis either die or remain in a permanent state of disability needing gadgets to do the most basic functions in life. Even when Brock was in his "peak" he could have been far stronger and successful if he'd watched his diet earlier.

    With that said. Brock is 100% healed now with no stomach problems. But although gifted physically. My God he's arrogant and prideful. He refuses to get hit when practicing boxing and will only train with familiar faces.

    Tyson was am amazing boxer but boxing is the sport of punching. Mma is a sport of fighting. You can't expect to fight with a boxing stance in a real fight. Brock would quickly take Tyson down and it'll be over from there

    • Thanks for the clarification on the stomach issue, god damn Paul Heyman made it look like a very convincing problem at the time

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    • Paul was saying that Brock is not at his full potential because of his stomach issues at the UFC so he had to leave during a promo

    • Oh that was true for a while. It was a huge surgery which like i said. He's lucky to have survived because most people don't. He was in bad condition for months after

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  • Well it's not really a boxing match up if mma rules are up. I would give the fight to Lesner, mostly because we've seen when a fighter such as Kimbo Slice is taken out of his element how badly things can go. He gets put on the floor and it's over. on top of that, I think weight divisions would play a large part

  • Mike had lack of defense?
    Are you kidding me?

    Brock would win in an MMA match he was significantly bigger and would be able to take mike down and throw him around

    But in a boxing/kickboxing match, there is no comparison mikes devastating punches and inside fighting skills made him the deadliest boxer

    • Mike is one of the greatest defensive boxers of all time
      Well at least he was in his prime

    • Oh, sorry bout that, I was talking like defense vs a grappler were breaks weren't really enforced by the ref

    • Haha yeah
      Agreed then
      He wouldn't be able to defend against Brock's take downs or grappling

      Brick would win outside a ring

  • @Illusive_Man I'm curious to see what you think of a fight like this.

  • Isn't Brock Lesnar significantly bigger? Brock is like 270 or something and Mike was like 230. Right? I mean they are both heavyweights, but I think Brock is a lot bigger.

    • Either way Brock ain't shit. This guy is the greatest MMA heavyweight and possibly greatest MMA fighter of all time:

    • lesnar is a lot bigger, but tyson is super crazy fast...

    • I'm not saying Brock would win I'm just saying it would be an advantage for one of them. They need to fight around the same weight for it to be fair.

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