60 vs 80s: Which “Revolution”version do you prefer?

“B” again but beatles version wasn’t bad actually…a good song for 60s standards.
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  • Thompson Twins
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  • Both are pretty good, but I voted for A.) The Beatles this time. I really like the guitar on this track.


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  • Oooh both sound actually pretty good this time. However, I'm choosing A (the Beatles version) for the following reasons...
    -- It's the version I grew up with
    -- The reason I probably like the Thompson Twin version is because it has the original melody and song I found in the Beatles version.
    -- The culture of the 60s fits the song Revolution and the lyrics more. It feels like a cultural staple of the time.
    -- I dig the dirty gritty guitar sound Harrison got out of his guitar
    -- The Beatles version sounds more raw sounding.
    -- The Thompson version added a bit too many things to the song for my taste. It makes it feel like they basically just took the song revolution, added a synth, changed the vocalists, and then threw in some of that 80s glam rock sounding guitar. It seems that instead of changing the feel of the song, they basically just took the song and added stuff on top of it that was a bit unnecessary. They didn't contribute to the glorious piece of writing the original melody and stuff was.
    -- I have always liked the Beatles and grew up with them playing in the car, on record players, what not. As much as I hate to admit it, I probably have a lot of Beatles bias 😅
    -- The singing and harmonies, especially the falsetto voice of the Beatles sounds much better than the Thompson Twins
    -- Beatles came first and had the song.

    Again, both are good on the whole though. The versions were kind of similiar though, so in this case I'm going with the original.


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  • The Thompson Twins version sounds like a tape that is not at a constant speed. something that they are doing to sound unique just kind of ruins it for me. Sooo...

    Beatles for the Win.

  • I think I prefer Beatles one

  • Beatles ftw

  • Tt 80's sounds good


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