What idea for a reality show do you have?

I think a reality show about teenagers would be interesting.


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  • A group of five girls who are roughly the same height, weight and waist size. What is the catch? All of them have a different size rear end. It would be interesting to see girls roughly the same size, yet, their butts are entirely different. Here is how it would go.

    Girl 1: Extra-small butt (practically nothing there.)
    Girl 2: Small butt
    Girl 3: Medium Butt
    Girl 4: Large butt
    Girl 5: Extra-large butt (Those butts which make your jaw drop.)

    It would be a great experiment.


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  • How cool would it be if you got a girl and a boy from each country (or continent) and watched them learning about each other's cultures and stereotypes? Fricken cool, dude

  • teens going to school maybe.


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  • How about a reality show where every episode is different people and it chronicles their actual lives. sometimes it's amazingly happy and inspiring, sometimes it's the most depressing shit you could ever watch. But it's ALWAYS REAL, that's the key. No interference from the show's staff.
    Some days it'll be less exciting than others, sure. But that's why you switch the people and stories around. One episode is one person or group of people and how they live w/ w/e is going on for them, good or bad, and the next episode you try to change it up from the last. The crew selects the people who the episode will be focused on, but after that they just let the events sweep them up and report the findings as they are. No bullshit hollywood tampering.
    I envision reality tv that is actually real. Real people, real hardships, real joys. No interference, and let the cards fall where they may.

    This would probably require an independent, progressively minded broadcaster, because you wouldn't just be making entertainment. You'd be making art. Something that the viewer at home can point to and say "wow, maybe we are all the same. Bob down the road just had that happen to him last week." Or something along those lines. I think it'd be really beautiful at times. Really messy and gross at other times... but such is the nature of art.


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