Best Love Songs Ever?

I'm being a weirdo and planning my hypothetical wedding haha where I always get stuck is picking the first dance song, since I'm not typically the sappy type. I'm curious what everyone's favourite love songs are.

I love TSwift's "You Belong With Me" and Keith Urban "Somebody Like You".
This is one of my fav's too:
I've always kind of wanted to use "My Best Friend" by Queen but it's not a slow song.


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  • I like
    - Love Story
    - I'm the only one who'd walk across the fire for you - don't know the title
    - How could an angel break my heart
    - Oh baby I love your way, everyday - don't know the title
    - lean on me
    - If I can get him off the street then he does not need to be with me - don't know the title - its by monica
    - your never going to break my heart again - don't know the title - deborah cox
    - I swear
    - wife by all 4 one
    - Sillyhoe by TLC
    - Unpretty by TLC
    - My heart will go on by Celine Dion


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  • I have no idea if these are even love songs, but I like them.. >_>

  • You are my special angel!

    My favorite!


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