Is there any Generals styled new game?

I am searching for a strategy-war game like Generals. I don't want to install Generals because it is too old. And EA canceled the 2nd game.
I didn't like Starcraft 2. It looks like a mix of Red Alert and Tiberium Wars. I want a game like Generals which has tank, aircraft, soldiers and nuclear bombs. In short, realistic and technological UP TO DATE game.

Thanks for helps.


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  • dont think there's any new ones now.


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  • Act of War
    World in Conflict

    Most of the best RTS games, like Company of Heroes and Men of War, are set in WW2 right now. If you can hold out for two weeks, you can get Act of Aggression which looks amazing. It comes out Sept 2nd.

    • Oh no :( Act of War is old too
      And I think World in conflict is not a base building game.
      But now, Act of Aggression looks amazing and I probably will buy it!
      Thank you so much. I hope I will love it as much as Generals.

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  • Ahh these games are called RTS (Real-Time Strategies). You may have already know these games but still worth mentioning. Have you tried Rise of Nations, EndWar and World in Conflict? These three games have it all as you said. Tank, aircraft, soldiers and nuclear bombs.

    • I found the Rise of Nations in Steam, then YouTube. I think I liked it.
      EndWar looks like... You know the Z game? An ant war. It is too old, you may not know. :) EndWar looks like Z. So no, not my type. :)
      And World in Conflict. I prefer base-building :P

      Thanks for the suggests, they are all good

    • Oh yes sorry, World in Conflict is actually not an RTS because there is no base building. Rise of Nation is base building, I've played Rise of Nation many times. I recommended. It's up to you if you would like it. Good luckkkkkk

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