YouTube channel ideas?

I'm a incoming college student and am looking for youtube channel ideas so I can make $ on the side. Best idea gets mho.


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  • If you're thinking of making a youtube channel you have to do it with something you have a talent for.
    If you don't have any talents that are marketable then just make vlogs I guess...
    If you're not charismatic that won't work either.
    It all depends on what you have and what you don't have - in terms of personality and looks (it's a video community after all).

    • many ugmos with channels... depends on the topic. would somebody's looks matter fro a cookery channel?

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    • hmm... ok. you've seen all channels on the site? lololo... wow, you're not very mentally sound.

    • who are you talking about rn?

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  • Know that to get money on the side, you'll need to become popular enough to get a sponsor. That's easier said than done. Nevertheless, here are some channel ideas...

    -- Video game walkthrough... if you have a cool fun personality. If you don't have an energetic awesome personality who can make great jokes, it won't work.

    -- Music channel. If you know music, you could do covers of songs-- make them stand out from the rest by good editing and sound equipment. If you don't know music, you could start a channel where you teach yourself guitar and part of a vlog about tips and mistakes of what you are doing.

    -- Generic college vlog. If you have a lot of interesting things that happen in your life, go ahead and make a vlog for your life. Check out the college party life. Make a vlog for all the incoming college students just like you.

    -- Tutor. If you are smart, do youtube videos where you explain math stuff for younger students in high school or junior high (like algebra stuff). To stand out from the rest, do it in a relatable "bro" way. Make sure you make jokes and keep it super interesting.

    -- Prank. If you are a prankster, make pranking videos around campus like Jstudios (I think that's their name?) does. Ask youtube viewers for their prank ideas too. Do this if you have no shame and are willing to prank people. Oh, and make sure you have a friend with good camera skills and a mic system.
    Hell, if you wanted to, you could an internet prank channel too. If you are a great troll, funny omegle guy, or whatnot, this will work.

    Other than that, you can do whatever your passion is. If you are good at art, make an art channel. If you're good at cooking, do a cooking channel -- maybe making college food on a college budget with stuff you'd find on campus. People will like what you like if you can sell it.

    In any channel though, the key is a good personality. People want likeability, good camera work (no shakey cam with crappy potato 240p), and often someone funny. Don't be a jerk.
    And let's be honest... Attractive looks help.


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  • Video game playthroughs, amimation, comedy skits, makeup

    You can do anything for the most part, its up to chance and how your personality can keep people hooked

  • Cooking...

  • Well the most popular are:
    Daily Vlogs
    Game plays/lets plays


What Guys Said 6

  • what about a food vlog

    • I would but unless people need lessons on how to make ramen noodles then thats not really an option for me lls.

  • Here is a helpful video that will help you BECOME FAMOUS.


  • anything! i started on for my digital marketing career... i wanna be the next steve jobs mixed with bill gates. but i'm nice, steve jobs was a dick lolol..

  • step 1 be attractive
    step 2 don't be ugly
    step 3 be interesting

  • You're a far cry from getting rich off YouTube, tiger

  • A college vlog


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