Have you ever played one of the Mission US games?


Those games are my life right now. They're about American History and there are 4 of them. I want someone to discuss and ship the characters with! I have a crush on Phillis from Mission 1, Henry from 2 and Rosa from 4. In Mission 1: For Crown or Colony, which takes place a few years before the American Revolution, Royce/Nate is my OTP but I ship him with Hugh and Solomon too. (Hugh is actually a horrible English soldier, but his looks and accent makes up for it.) There are only 2 young girls: Phillis (house slave turned poet, very smart) and Ms. Whore Lillie (treator.). If I had to choose one, I'd pick Phillis and send Lillie's tea-importing ass to the Ottoman Empire to join Abd Al-Hamid I's harem.

In Mission 2: Flight to Freedom, I ship Millie/Parker and Lucy/Henry HARD. I gave up publishing a slave memoir so Lucy could settle down with him. The game has nice details. When they arrest Morgan out of nowhere even though he has free papers, Lucy has the option to ask whether or not the sherriff who likes black people will help them. Abigail tells her he's dying from cholera. When I looked it up, I saw a cholera epidemic happened that exact year: 1848. I also have a headcanon that Mr. Otis is actually a good guy who plays along with the King family to keep his job and just when Mr. King goes bankrupt, he makes his way to the plantation of the guy who bought Nell (Lucy's mama) and buys her freedom. I like to imagine them together. May be because I love his voice.

Click on them and hear their voices. Do it with Mission 1 also. This is some good voice acting. *starts singing A Million Voices*


I'd talk about the rest but I'm running out of space. Enjoy playing!

The Cheyenne from Mission 3: A Cheyenne Odyssey
Have you ever played one of the Mission US games?
Rosa Leone from Mission 4: City of Immigrants
Have you ever played one of the Mission US games?


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  • i never played.


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