Who do you main in Smash?

Who do you main in Smash?
Smashers! Who do you play as the most? I want to know the most played character for Smash Bros. on GAG.

Perosnally, I go for Ness, Dedede (The King's game was strong this morning) and Greninja, but Captain Falcon is squeezing his way in.

If you don't play the game regularly, who did you play as last time you played it?

Thanks for your answers :)
Who do you main in Smash?

  • Layton for Smash 4 2015!
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  • Chrom should be Chromfirmed!
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  • I just miss Wolf :(
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  • I have never played a Super Smash Bros. game D:
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  • I don't really play it anymore
    but the first smash bro's game
    I played Pikachu.

    Melee, I played Jigglypuff
    Marth and Zelda/Sheik.

    Brawl I played Sonic, Ike, Pit
    Zelda/Sheik, but mostly played Zero-suit samus.

    I stopped there, haven't
    played the new one, but
    Villager looks fun, I guess.

    The very first game, where I played Pikachu
    I was crazy good at, if I do say so myself.

    Same with Zero-suit samus in brawl.


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