Playstation 4 Questions: A few things I wonder about?

So we buckled and got our first gaming console. I haven't played on one since 1991. It was Nintendo and even then I didn't own one, just used a friend's, and wasn't even that great at anything. My gaming experience has been on my PC and only with a couple of games since about 2008. Before that... Colecovision in 1982. :D

Now, I am the proud owner of a PS4, and have purchased Destiny, Diablo 3, Project Cars, DriveClub, Motorcycle Club, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Murdered: Soul Suspect, and the game it came with The Last of Us. I know. In four days I became a gaming animal. Right now I'm really digging on Destiny. LOVE it. I made an Exo Hunter and can't get enough of it even though I'm just Level 4 and don't even know how I got there.

My questions are (that I can't get info on online so easily):

What are Trophies?
What purpose do trophies serve to the PSN user?

Can you engage in party chat (I have headphones/mic) without including people as "friends"? How? (My husband and I don't just want random people out there we don't know on our friends list. Currently, no one we know has a PS4 to add to the list, but we still want to chat in-game with the headset especially when he's on Project Cars.)

I've got a Thrustmaster T80 racing wheel, and can't find the touchpad button on the wheel (everything else is there) where am I missing this? Driveclub tells me to hit the touchpad, and I can't with the wheel hooked up.

Anything else a new user might need to know?


(If you play Destiny or Project Cars are any good at them, let me know so I can ask specific game questions about them, if you don't mind!) :)


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  • Relax. . . I got this

    Trophies are kind of like medals, it's like the Olympics where you get your gold, silver and bronze

    They pretty much give you bragging rights, If you've got all of the platinum trophies for the game people will know you're good (or that you've been playing for a long time. . . perhaps a little too long)

    ? Uh. .. well I think that. . . uh I'm not sure (I don't have a PS4) I'm sure there is party chat so you'll just have to send an invite

    For that driving wheel you might just want to have a look in the controller options and see if you can change the input (if you know what I mean)

    uh. . . what should a new user know. . . well (I'm so tired right now but I will go on ! DooMguy doesn't stop !) you might want to check out the free games, there should be some free download games lurking on PSN somewhere, I think planetside 2 is one of them and with PS plus they basically throw monthly games at you

    When it comes to destiny I know what I'm doing

    DooMguy's my name
    Destiny is my game
    And my titan doesn't feel pain

    (Maxed all guardian classes and subclasses with a lot of legendary armour and weapons) Ask me anything

    Defender titan doesn't need to "take cover" I am THE cover

    • THANK YOU, finally someone answering me. So if I earn trophies, other players can see that? Sort of like how achievements are on World of Warcraft (my former love). You could look up a character and see how much they've done.

      I have lots of Destiny questions... like how to get through level 4... I don't even know where to start. What kind of guns to keep. I've only got about 415 Glimmer right now and can't really buy anything. And how do I stop needing ammo that I pick up off the ground. If I equip a main weapon am I still going to need ammo for my primary weapon? It seems I hung on to my Khvostov because I never had to worry, just reloaded and kept going. Then I picked up a new gun and when I run out of ammo that's it. So I hate to give up my Khvostov because of this. :( Am I stupid?

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    • And if I go to the Gunsmith and purchase Ammo Synthesis will that help reload my weapon or is that a waste, only good for one round?

    • That really did help, with that loadout you're on the right track. You really shouldn't run out of primary ammo because it's a common drop , well the most common drop in the game

      ammo synths they should give you max ammo (I've never used one), I got by without them (they do stack) the standard box pickup is around 1/2 - 1/4

      Here's what I don't understand with that handcannon a crit hit should be a 1 - 2 hit kill and by the time all the rounds are used up the place should be littered with ammo

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  • I own a PS4.

    Trophies = they basically do what trophies do in real life. They are a way to show off to friends and be like "Yeah-- that's right... I spent 24 hours straight and got the "NOSLEEP" award." They also give you levels on your account. Levels on your profile are just for showing off too to show how diverse and hardcore of a gamer you are lol. Some games actually have a purpose for the trophies (like they give you points to unlock stuff in game) but that is very rare. Resistance 2 and 3, for instance, would get the total amount of points from trophies you earned and let you redeem cheat codes like 'infinite ammo.' Also (if you didn't know) there are unlockables in Last of Us. Last of Us, if I recall correctly, gives you points for beating the story and trophies and stuff like that. Check in the in game menu-- you can change t shirts of characters and stuff like that.

    For mic/headset question: Obviously, you can go in game chat for online parties when you do mix and match. That is just random people. For party chats (like if you are thinking almost like a Skype group call). There is actually a party button on the open menu home screen. You go that category and hit "create a party." It is something that was added since ps3. You can do party chat with friends too-- even if they are in different games.

    Here is a more detailed explanation video to guide you through it :)

    Thrustmaster T80 question-- First off, it could be that it is referring to the touchpad on ps4 controller, the Dualshock 4. The touchpad is the big rectangular center in the middle of the ps4 controller. Try hitting that, and through with that. If that doesn't work, tell me and I can try and help more. Racing wheels pretty much just take a controller and change the layout, so it shouldn't have any problems. However, since the T80 is a ps3 and ps4 controller, it probably doesn't have a touchpad.

    New user tips? Hmm... I don't really have any tips off the top of my head. Here are some basic things I guess... Make sure that you charge a controller when you aren't using it. Make sure that you never unplug the ps4 as loading screens happen-- you don't want to corrupt your data. by the way, on ps4 controllers you can hold the ps button to access menu screen. You can actually hook up ps4 controllers to pc / apple computers to play PC games with them.

    Also, I don't own the games mentioned though I do want them! :(
    Anything else? Just let me know if you have any more questions :)

    • I've had two snags so far when my PS4 froze and I could do basically nothing but unplug the unit. This was on the application screens. So then I plugged it back in and the system gave me shit for it. I was thinking, "Well FINE then don't FREEZE on me." What am I supposed to do when that happens?

      The touchpad is exactly what seems to be missing on the T80. It's a function on DriveClub, and I can't remember exactly what it's for now. Anyway, I'm already thinking of an upgrade for the wheel if we get in to more serious racing. I'm just choked that NFS Rivals doesn't support *any* racing wheel. Can you believe that?

      I'm on Destiny and can see that my headset makes noise but yet I have never been part of any group to talk to anyone yet, so I guess we'll see if people decide to invite me some time. :) What games do you have then?

  • May I ask why you do not stick with PC gaming?

    I'm still going to respond to your question.
    Trophies are achievements. They are only there to show off on what you have accomplished. They serve no other purpose than to proof, what you have done during your gaming experience. They could be challenges or simple tasks. Some find it fun to achieve them. Trophies are optional and are not required (as far as I know). Other people can also see your accomplishments.

    As a PC Gamer myself, I can't help with the controllers and it's wheel. I've only used the Playstation back in 199X-200X. No other console.

    PC Gamers have their own "Trophy" system. The so popular gaming platform Steam for PC gamers features Steam Achievements, which I see are the same as Trophies in the consoles.

    • I have both, but my husband doesn't use the computer AT ALL, he is so computer-backward, which is why we eventually got it. He's been fine with the PS4 lately but I've been quicker to catch on because I'm the former gamer and he's brand new. I've been really enjoying the PS4 but it's such a learning curve going from the PC to the PS4.

    • I get ya... well then, good luck getting used to the world of consoles.

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  • Trophies are attained in all games, they're feats which are shown to the friends you have on your playstation. If you go to your user profile, it'll show your trophies, and possible a graph (it does on PS3) of the number of bronzes, silvers, golds and platinums you have achieved. The faster you complete a mission and with few mistakes, the better the trophy.

    I believe party chats are with friends. You can talk in game with people, but it will be with strangers because you'll be playing with strangers.

    I believe the touchpad is on the PS4 remote control. There's a part in the middle which responds to touch. Turn the PS4 controller on if it turns off.

    • Thanks Hannah :) The touchpad equivalent on the T80 wheel is what I'm after, I know where it is on the controller. It's like they have all the buttons, but not that. Now it did come out for the PS3, and rereleased the product to be compatible for the PS4 so I'm wondering if that's why. The PS3 didn't have a touchpad. :/

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    • *DriveClub. ... duhh

    • I don't think there is one.

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