Are these songs good?

I shared to songs with my friend, but he told me they suck.
What do you think?

I can't send links I think so here are the song titles:

1. Animal - Miike Snow

2. Thunder Clatter - Wild Cub

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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's not something I'd want to listen to, but hey. It's music. There are no right or wrong opinion, averyone have their own taste. No matter how good you think the song is, there will always be someone who hates it. So just listen to what you like, don't look at others.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Not from my era , sorry don't know them


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What Girls Said 1

  • I liked them :) But I think Thunder Clatter was better.


What Guys Said 1

  • Not entirely my thing but definitely okay. I'm mostly into indie rock (along with post-rock and lots of different kinds of more experimental electronica) but they're just a little too poppy for me.

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