How do you stop procrastinating?

I struggle with this.


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  • I've been felt that and GaG doesn't help lol...
    You have to cut on things.

    But first find what are your objectives, they must be good ones, they should stimulate you and get you going.

    I have some long objectives and divided what i need to achieve to complete that goal. So one good step each time..

    It's all about knowing yourself and grab what means to you. If you fail and procrastinate, just try it again, you may do it better next time.


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  • I don't know, I wish I knew I have this problem. I guess you'd just have to set your mind to it and say I need to get my crap together, I've been thinking like that lately and it helps.

  • I once finished a 10 page paper an hour before class... you just learned how to embrace it -_- ... I didn't chose the procrastination life, it chose me.


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