Do you like/ believe in astrology/ horoscope/ zodiac?

  • I like in astrology/ horoscope/ zodiac and believe in them.
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  • I sorta like in astrology/ horoscope/ zodiac, but I believe in them
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  • I like astrology/ horoscope/ zodiac, but I don't believe in them and just read them for fun/ Interest in a person that I like
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  • I don't like astrology/ horoscope/ zodiac, but I read them anyways
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  • I hate astrology/ horoscope/ zodiac, and wish they didn't exist.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hi there,

    I do not believe in Astrology because I believe that everyone is inherently different and unique, and there is no pattern to predict it. Also have you heard of the confirmation bias? It's been proven that horoscopes are fake, and most people who write them without truly making an effort to learning and investigating it them just want to make quick bucks.
    But I do still read them for fun occasionally, like good old tumblr horoscopes.. they are the BEST.
    I hope this helps :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted e but that doesn't reflect my feelings towards them.

    I believe in them the same way the astronomers that invented them believe. In the beginning they were created as a way of making memorization if the consolations easier. With time we found a problem with this. Star signs shift sporadically and drastically over time. It's always changing and there are more star signs then before that we don't use.

    Other people just attributed generic statements to them that can apply to anyone


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What Girls Said 2

  • I think it's cute and fun to read, but I don't believe in them. :p

  • Don't like it/Don't care for ir


What Guys Said 3

  • Cute and fun to read but only as true as to the extent you believe in them.
    But still , I read them like short stories from time to time lol

  • I read them for fun sometimes but they are often inaccurate.

  • Their interesting to read but other than that I'm not interested.


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