Royalty free Christian music?

I am going to be singing at a religious festival this fall, and the service is going to be webcast live. Because of the webcast, the song I choose can't be copyrighted.

The song I want to do is Pie Jesu, which I know is a really old song, but I don't know if it is copyrighted. Does anyone know how to tell?


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  • I think copyright laws only apply if you use the exact song for something, I don't think it applies to you singing it. For example, when people are trying to avoid copyright laws on Youtube, they pitch the song so that it sounds slightly different from the original. I'm sure that singing the song won't get you in trouble.

    • I would agree, but my church has gotten in trouble once before, so they have super strict rules about it.

    • Considering that's an old song that probably most people haven't heard of, I'm sure it'll be fine.

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