Can't a simple girl EVER date her FAVORITE celebrity crush?

I have seen male celebrities hooking up with fans or random girls at bars and clubs and a few of them even got into a relationship. So lucky. A wrestler got engaged/married to a total nobody he met at a bar and he repeatd the same for his second marriage.

Singers and Pop stars have these hook ups frequently. And a few like Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson even got into relationships with fans they met at nightclubs. Plus they are known to pick up girls they like at concerts and such.

So is it really that unlikely to date a celeb crush?


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  • It is unlikely. Still doesn't mean it doesn't happen though. Regardless who cares? So many attractive people who aren't celebs out here.


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  • I think some of these girls aren't even really aware of who they are when they meet. Some famous people love the fact that they can feel 'normal' when they meet a non-fan. I once met an American actor who I had no idea who he was and just talked to him like a total normal person. I asked why he was in my city and he said, "for work". Our conversation went in to more such as, me asking him if he's seen the sights in my country and places he should go. I remember him being a bit flirty with me, asking if I would show him around sometime - and I was really clueless as to who he was. Anyway, eventually I found out, and he was in some American TV shows, and now he's not really working much.

    But my point is, if you aren't a screaming, crying fan-girl, the more noticeable I think you would be. Even famous actresses marry men who are restaurant owners, insurance brokers, or whoever - just regular people who didn't care about their celebrity.

    One time I wanted to meet this one professional footballer and I went to this known hotel where many of them stayed all dressed up looking important as if I was actually *someone* and I ended up having a conversation with a completely different footballer who I didn't even really know. LOL Anyway, nothing romantic, but it was just a friendly chat. But I tried. Had it worked I had hoped to become the future Mrs. Pirlo, but that was a long time ago, and of course I never got to meet him. :'( Oh well. LOL


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