Question for star wars fans: does it bother you that they never brought back Darth Vader properly?

I liked Star Wars when I was a little kid. (I was at least 14 before they released "episode 1" which had another pretty cool bad guy named Darth Maul who they prematurely killed off)

So I grew up with the old ones and Darth Vader was my favourite character. Everything about him was both funny and cool at the same time. He even had one of the most famous movie lines in history (I am your father).
Then they started bringing out the prequels (episode 1,2,3 and whatever it's up to now) and they had Darth Vader as a young boy and I thought they were on to something and by about episode 3 it would be about how darth vader rose to power and assumed control of the empire. BUT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

Now I hate star wars because they've essentially scrubbed the best character.
Anyone else feel the same way?

Non star wars fans are also free to reply.
  • Yes. Pisses me off hard.
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  • No. I prefer Darth Vader-less star wars films
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By the way I don't count seeing him at the end of one of the movies for 5 seconds


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  • yes it does.


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