Does anyone here watch gossip girl? Thoughts on series?

I know the series ended awhile ago but does anyone else find this show really flawed? I like it but its flawed

for example

- why does rufus' and Lily's love child just disappear after the wedding? That would have been one of the BEST plots
- I think its really lazy the way they wrote off Blair's pregnancy
-What happened to them going to college? they just totally forgot about it and in season 6 everyone has jobs but they didn't mention anything about graduating college

- Why is serena such a bitch in season 5? She randomly just turned on the (real) Charlie Rhodes for no reason ( maybe other than jealousy) when she always talks about family? Like when Will was talking to charlie and serena said "what are you going to walk her down the aisle to? no sympathy to the fact that charlie never knew who her dad was till recently, and yes its HER DAD too he can walk her down the aisle. Dumbass. When did serena become so selfish, bland, boring and hyprociritcal? She used to be my favourite because of how calm, cool and collected she was even through the roughest times. Blair who i used to find too highstrung seems way more interesting and calmer than serena in season 5

- Did anyone find the whole Chuck and Blair thing in season 5 so annoying? literally every episode was " oh no i love louis, wait no chuck, no louis, then chuck" So overdone and cheesy

y. The whole Blair and Chuck forbidden love thing gets old fast, expect in season 6 they got more interesting again
- why the HELL did ivy hook up with rufus? isn't he like 40 and she's like 20 ew. Same with serena and that Sage's dad. What is with this show?

- Most of all, why is dan the real gossip girl? if you look back it wouldn't have made sense chronologically. Did the writers just think "oh ok well its the end of the season and we didn't write the show to make sense about Gossip girls identity so lets just chose someone" I was to
I really think the show peaked after season 3. It just wasn't interesting when they graduated and grew up. The show was so much better with the minions and highschool drama. I hate how the show focuses on the parents so much. Especially Rufus and Lily who are literally the most bland and boring chracters ( rufus is clueless and annoying!) ( lily's face pisses me off and she pretends to be all classy and proper yet does trashy things to save her ass and sleeps around.)
First season was the best most like the books


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  • I actually watches a show very similar to that called Gossip guys


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  • I finished the whole series. They only thing I didn't like was Chuck & Blair in season 5.. It was getting annoying. Yeah I think they picked Dan to be Gossip Girl because they wanted someone we would've never expected. I didn't like that he was Gossip Girl either lol. But overall, I thought it was pretty good.

    • I totally expected dan though! The writing background, his books

      Yeah Chuck and Blair are the most annoying couple. I really liked Nate and Serena together their both really similar and easy going usually

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    • Gossip girl is like a figure of speech and I thought since it a girl they would try to throw a curve ball of it being a guy so yeah thats how i figured it was dan

    • Yeah i know & Lol yeah I thought it could be a guy at first. But then I was like nooo. But I was wrong

  • Yes, I love the series.


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