Do you like a celebrity more when you find out they share the same religious or political beliefs as you?

  • I like them more finding out they have the same political, religious or non-religious viewpoints.
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  • What they believe or don't believe doesn't change the way I thought of them before.
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  • It sometimes does, and really depends on who.
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  • I have boycotted some celebrities' works because I disagreed with their viewpoints.
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  • If we have differing viewpoints, it's a drag, but in the end I don't really care.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. I voted 'C' cause there are things that matter
    2. But again I like a celeb for their screen presence, looks, acting etc so their views don't make me dislike them on those traits
    3. However, yes even if I still adore them I will stand strong against them on things that matter
    4. Religion or Politics aren't one of the reasons and never will be :)

    • Thank you dear girl for your kind, thoughtful and generous gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :) I wholly appreciate your gracious gesture :)

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What Guys Said 3

  • Well, the only reason I like Zayn Malik is because he shares the same religious beliefs as mine.

    And the only reason I like Selena Gomez is because she supports my country.

    But honestly, I don't listen to both of their music.

  • I don't idolize celebrities. Actor or actress for their movies that I enjoy , Singers for their songs and their lyrics,. Their politic views is somewhat irrelevant, I might disagree with them, I changes nothing about the reason I enjoy the art or talents they exhibit.

    Does it mean , I don't find any of them , beautiful, HOT, sexy and desirable , certainly not ,

    My enjoyment is of their craft , so it doesn't matter what their political or religious views are.

  • I separate the on screen personality from the real life person since I tend not to like the actors for who they are but I still like their work.

    As I always say "Hate the product not the maker"


What Girls Said 4

  • I liked Taylor Swift more when I read about her dedication to being a cat lady, but Sarah Palin would have to have like... TEN cats before I liked her.

  • I voted C
    Being of a certain religion doesn't make one any more or less of a douchebag, or a saint. But being of a similar mind makes it easier to get along and agree.
    I couldn't care less who, or how famous you are. Being on a stage or a screen doesn't make you special, in my opinion, and you won't get my time, attention, or respect if you're not giving me the same.
    Getting your legs blown off in a war zone, and pissed off that you can no longer get out there to fight for your country? THAT is worthy of fans, praise, and million dollar salary.

  • They are just celebrities to me but most celebrities in Hollywood only are allowed to voice liberal beliefs even if aren't liberal. So I wouldn't know of any that are conservative.

    • There are plenty of them out there, I did a search once on liberal and conservative celebrities and there are many that have made it clear where they stand.

    • They were open about being conservative... and then put on a blackball list. Look that up.

    • I guess it depends if they made a fool of themselves or not. Alec Baldwin is a Democrat and constantly makes an ass of himself. Janine Turner is a Republican and represents them well. Just depends on how far they take things.

  • I don't really care about the view points or believes of celebrities as long as they're not too extreme (like Tom Cruise for instance.. Scientology.. seriously? =.=) maybe the fact that I am atheist makes me, to a certain extend, kind of careless about the religious aspect though.
    The things that mainly decide about whether or not I like a celebrity are usually their skills when it comes to acting, modelling or whatever they do, their looks (I'm not THAT shallow though) & if I can somehow relate to them.


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