Why most artists during the 90s (especially first half of the 90s) were so young-looking?

I’ve seen artists who were ~25 by then and they were lookin like teens…and artists who were like ~35 and they were lookin like being in their 20s.

Nowdays funny thing’s they look older than their age or their age at most.

Weird isn’t it?


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  • If I remember rightly I think that was the start of this current mass media - Let me explain merchandise became a huge thing - Up to the 1990 you would never heard of image rights - In the 90s looks were everything and why now are they older more lived in look - Trends move in a cycle as responses to each other


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  • less photoshop
    more natural foods and
    they were more innocent than today s kids.

    • eh not kids... we r talkin about artists LOL

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    • actually her face looks pretty kiddish... even make-up won't make her look older.. so i'd say she looks mostly like a kid who put lots of make-up on :)

  • I think it was the style back then, besides, who doesn't wanna look younger?

    • believe it or not there r guys around my age who want to look older than they r... and that's y they like growin beards :|

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