Why do you think Johnny Bravo had trouble getting the girls despite his looks?

In the show I know he was an attractive male (no homo), but everytime he tried to get a girl she always beat him up, got slapped, or got a woman he wasn't expecting. Was his personality that bad? I know it's just an old tv show but I think it kinda makes a good insight on what people really want in relationships.


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  • Because he was obviously a childish Casanova wannabe with the depth of a piece of paper. And a complete moron.


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    • Puts it in a good short perspective. Does make Johnny sound like a sexist male chauvinist pig

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    • Haha an Onion article

    • Gotta sneak in some Onion every now and again. @QuestionMan

  • Some men think looks are everything and while at first sight it might be, you need to know how to talk people into wanting to know more about you.

    • And you think he was horrible at talking to people?

    • Yeah, given the gifs above. He thought too much about himself.

  • Either his stupidity or the fact that he still lived with his mother

  • He had a bad attitude.. and he was dumb.


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