Can You Suggest Me An Indian Movie?

I watched Slumdog Millionaire , life of pi and PK i love them so much.


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  • Ek tha tiger. The movie is alright in my opinion, entertaining but not remarkable. Watch it.


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  • Delhi Belly is funny and mostly in English.

    DDLJ is the quintessential Bollywood romance. Veer Zaara is also really good. Make sure you find a subtitled version of both though because they're in Hindi.

  • I loved Chennai Express, Vaada, Life Partner, Bodyguard, Wanted, Ready, Baadshah. Haha omg. I watched so many. There are more that I love.
    My absolute favorite is Main Hoon Na.

    • Thank you so much What was the name? eeee guy in PK. Can you suggest his movies? I like that guy

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    • Amir isn't in the last by the way.

    • Thanks. You are best!

  • I remember watching a movie called Lagaan when I was young and I loved it

    • Yes my friens said its hood movie. but i haven't watched it thank you

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