Do you have Facebook Messenger? How does it work? Can you provide me with some pros and cons?

Hey, I've heard about the Facebook messenger. Here in Europe (or at least my country) we use mostly Whatsapp which is a very simple straightforward over the internet texting app.
So I'm wondering how the Facebook messenger works. Do I need to register/make an account to use it, does it use my phone number (as whatsapp is doing), what are some pros and what are some cons?


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  • It's just a regular messenger, it works pretty well.

    • Do I need to register/create account when I install it? Is it linked to the regular Facebook?

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  • I'm gonna say you probably need a facebook account for it (by the sound of it).

    If you don't wanna use whatsapp don't go to that, go use Telegram or Chatsecure or something


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  • Yeah you need to have a facebook account to use, it's just like any other messenger


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