Thoughts on pop-artist Charli XCX?

I think she's a total badass... pens crazy good hooks like on her own "Boom Clap" (along with Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" and Icona Pop's "I Love It"), she has a versatile voice along the lines of Gwen Stefani but more brash and unpolished, and this awesome on-stage energy that you rarely see in a female performer. She puts the music first, and the typical female pop-star stage-theatrics are non-existent.

She gets around in the music industry too, writes for other big artists, and has done quite a few features on EDM, hip-hop/rap, and pop tracks, and does a lot of cool stuff on her own (see her albums True Romance and Sucker)... and apparently has an unreleased punk album where, again, her voice is totally able to sell a more "punk" sound. She draws a lot of inspiration from the genre in general really, which is super cool.

She's quite a talent if you ask me... but I do see that she seems to get a bad rap out of some people and I don't get it. She's the kind of the female pop star I've been wanting to see come along for a while now... the kind that plays by her own rules. She's anything but cliché and that's totally rad. I'm such a fan...

Any thoughts on her? Any other fans here?


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  • im a fan!!

    • What's your favorite song of hers? "Gold Coins" is a pretty sweet jam...

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    • totally agree!

    • And I mean, she's kind of a babe too 😁 but that's besides the point lol.

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  • Don't really listen to her music.


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