What do you think about a girl that can't listen to music?

Well I can listen to music but it has to either be soft/slow music or played at a really low volume.
I have misophonia so I'm hypersensitive to any type of repeticious or loud sounds. It makes me naseous and in extreme cases I can even faint. I can't even use alarm clocks.

So what do you think? Could you be with a girl like me.
Please answer guys


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  • I wouldn't mind.
    That means that I would have it calm and peaceful around me.

    Sure I enjoy listening to music now and then. I usually use head phones anyway when I do.

    • I wonder how the alarm clock situation would work if I lived with a guy. Don't most people need them?

    • When I do use an alarm I have the volume very low because I'm a light sleeper and I don't want to be shocked waking up.

      But for those who are not like me then I guess the alarm clock could be a problem when with a heavy sleeper who needs loud noises to wake up. If this was the case then perhaps a solution for you would be to sleep with earplugs? Maybe not the best solution but I think that with understanding and caring you would be able to have a lifestyle that works for both of you.

      For me I feel it would be quite easy to adapt because I don't like loud noises anyway. For others it might be harder.

    • And about the alarm clock thing. I just came to think of that there's alarm clocks that you put on your wrists that vibrate strongly to wake you up but doesn't make a sound.

      If your partner had one of those then it could hopefully work. Just to illustrate that most situations can be worked out just fine.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends on the guy sweetheart but if he cares about you it wouldn't be a deal breaker, even if it's a guy you're just dating chances are he's into you and isn't going to want to hurt you or make you sick on your dates. A lot of guys are really understanding about things like that so don't worry about it. If you're dating a great guy just let him know later on, he probably wouldn't mind. Plus no one really blasts music like that when they're with their special someone, doesn't really make the mood intimate you know?

    • Lots of people blasts in their car and sometimes in their house.

    • Well yeah when they're alone or with friends not on a date. My boyfriend and I have drastically different tastes in music but he doesn't mind listening to something else for me and vice versa. If certain beats and volumes are making you sick I highly doubt any decent human being is going to physically torture you. Men are more understanding than you may realize, I've never met a gentleman who's interested in causing pain on the girl he dates. If it's someone who really enjoys you it's not going to be a problem, even a stranger on the street would be understanding and compassionate if you explain it to them. It's not as big as a problem as you might think it is.

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  • I personally would not be with someone who couldn't listen to music, but I'm also very passionate about music. Some of my friends don't really care for music though, and there's someone out there for everyone. You'll find someone.

    • Yeah I get the impression that most people really care about music that much.

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    • Yeah but you said you wouldn't so maybe most guys wouldn't either.

    • Just because I wouldn't, doesn't mean that no one would. I know plenty of people who don't like blasting music. Also, if my current boyfriend started to have problems like that, then I would still stay with him because I care about him a lot. Like you'll be able to find someone don't worry about it :)

  • I'm similar to that but I'm hypersensitive to everything, not just noise. I think most guys will be accommodating unless they are serious music heads. Just make it clear that its a real illness not something you're making up to be mean if you need him to turn off his music or whatever.


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