TEENS! I need your input! What would you want?

What kind of teen geared business would you like to see open up in your area? What activities would you want to see included? Two friends and I are working with a possible investor to open something in our area for teens to do. We do have an idea of what we would like to open and have been throwing around ideas, but I figured it would be best to get the input of today's teenagers. I would also like to hear about what you would like to see in and around the building. Thanks for your responses!


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  • Out of my personal interests, I'd like to see more places for acting and art in my city.

    But for teens out there in general, I'm sure they would like places for sports, gaming, music and pretty much nearly every other recreational activity.


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    Bars always tend to the prep culture but always miss out the BURGEONING nerd culture.

    If there were one , I WOULD GO.
    Oh yes I would.

    • This is somewhat in the direction of the business I am leaning towards. No alcohol, of course. Lol. My idea was to do a teen club with a DJ and more. I would like to see a game room included. I just need to fully convince the other two ladies and the investor. I told them that I would reach out to the teens to ask them what they would like. The idea of one of the ladies was to do a skating rink with a game room. To me, that's played out and not very exciting. It wouldn't be very successful in my opinion.

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    • @Avalon4
      They will find a way haha

    • @Avalon4 You are correct. There will be no alcohol. There will also be security on the grounds.

  • I would definitely prefer a pub.


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