Can a sixteen year old enjoy His Dark Materials?

Now that I'm done with ASOIAF (until tWoW comes out), I can read something else!

I've had my eye on His Dark Materials for a while now, but after reading around it a bit, I'm wondering if it's meant for younger audiences? Will the language be too basic for a sixteen year old at quite a high reading level (LotR, The Silmarillion, ASOIAF)? Or is it one of those books that adults can enjoy as well as children? Because I don't want to buy the book and then realise I'm bored by it, because then I'll have to finish the whole thing, because of my completist streak when it comes to books. And that would take a long time, because I'm going into Sixth Form and my extra reading for my subjects is quite huge, so I won't have a lot of time for it :(

Thanks for your help :)
  • Go for it! Anyone can enjoy it :)
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  • It's for all ages, but I didn't like it personally
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  • It's mainly for kids, give it a miss
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  • I read fantasy, but I haven't heard of that one. Can you find it at the library? If so just try it. Just trying new books and authors is the only way to do it. When I find an author that I like I usually read all of their books. Then I have to do some trial and error before I find something else I like. Library books are an easy and quick way to try new authors and books.

    I took a very quick look at Wikipedia. His Dark Materials sounded like something an adult might like. But when I look further it said it was in the children's category. That doesn't mean you can't read it though. Sometimes I find myself going back to read books generally for a younger audience, just because I always wanted to read it and never got around to it when I was younger.


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