If there's a film series that you love, would you buy each movie individually or wait for a box set release?

I want to have a marathon consisting of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" (we had "TLotR", but I don't know what's been done with it), but I feel like I have to wait for a box set release to come out. I have no clue when that'd be.
  • Why does it matter? I'd buy them and then buy the box set whenever it comes out.
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  • I just want the movies, so I don't care about a box set.
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  • I'd wait for the box set.
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  • The box set would be nice but I don't care. I just want to have the movies accessible to me. So if the box set hasn't been released then I'll buy them individually.

    I love the LotR movies and I have them on dvd but for some reason my new dvd player isn't reading them. I'm gonna replace them with the newer disc that come with the dvd and blu ray. If theirs a box set then that would be better.


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  • I don't need to buy it. I can watch it online or download it.


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