Would Sauron revive Morgoth/Melkor if he could?

Let's say that Sauron wins the War of the Ring/The Fellowship fails and Sauron regains the One. Would he try to bring Morgoth/Melkor back out of the void? I don't know why I'm asking this specifically now, the thought just sort of popped up. I know Sauron desired dominion over all things, but he was also originally corrupted by Melkor.
  • I think he would. War of Wrath, Round 2 here we come!
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  • I doubt he would
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  • I'm not sure
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  • He'll be back for Dagor Dagorath, so who cares? 8)
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  • I actually have no clue who you are talking about :(
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  • Morgoth was cast out by the Valar I don't see how Sauron would be able to bring him back or why he would bother; evil tyrants don't like competition.

    • Thanks for the information. It was about 11pm when I asked this so I probably wouldn't have figured it out then :P
      I guess Sauron would think about it for a second, remember what happened last time and then go back to torturing some hobbits or something.

  • No! Because sauron was melkor's servant, melkor's was more powerful and he would probably revive the status quo if sauron brought him to life.

  • what's up people?


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