If you were to be a professional wrestler for the WWE, what would your wrestling gimmick and finishing move be?

My gimmick would be just like Bill Goldberg and I'll have his spear as my finishing move.


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  • OMFG awesome question!! surprised nobody answered yet...

    anyway i'd like to be a high-flyer... i like high-flyin maneuvres... also i'd be hardcore as well since i'd use weapons pretty often... :D

    my finishin move would be a frog-splash or a super hurricanrana!! or better i'd use my own version of hurricanrana and i'd call it phart-o-rana since i'd fart on my opponents everytime i'd use it... hahahahh ;p

    as for my gimmick... i'd be just myself and a "face" guy... and i'd use some cool 80s electronic song as my entrance theme... like this:



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