What shows are you excited for this Fall?

One of the many things I like about Fall is the return of some of my favorite TV shows! I'm looking forward to:

Grey's Anatomy
Chicago Fire
Chicago PD
The Walking Dead
Criminal Minds

What are you guys looking forward to?


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  • The only one in there that I watch (will watch) is the one season return of Heroes. Although it's going to be all new characters some of the old ones will make an appearance or two. Hayden obviously won't, and some others have said they just don't have the time. Looking forward to seeing how they go with it though, for this one season.

    Anyway, the other ones I watch are: SNL, Bella and the Bulldogs (I know, kind of childish, but hey, I like it, lol), The Librarians, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy

    Other shows I like, are either starting back up in 2016 or I just forget that I'm missing.

    • Yeah I really hope that Peter comes back.

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    • Eh, I think the ability to regenerate was pretty cool (Hayden). Save the cheerleader, save the world

    • Peter could do that too tho. Plus just about anything anyone else could do!

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  • Ooo yes I am looking forward to the Walking Dead coming back. I still need to check out Fear the Walking Dead.

    The Flash
    Marvel Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D.
    American Horror Story Hotel
    The Big Bang Theory

    I'd like to check out Supergirl. I don't watch these when they air on tv usually, I watch it on Hulu or something later. I want to start watching Elementary, and I hope Netflix streams that soon. I think Hemlock Grove season 3 is going to be coming to Netflix in September.

    I'm always up for watching House Hunters & International on HGTV! :P


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