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I'm helping a friend with their presentation of their final paper. They've chosen to write about the body positive movement and have requested I take a photograph their torso as the centerpiece picture. I've alwready sent in the rest of the photos I have taken for her of various sizes and shapes of healthy women, but since the center picture is most important, I wanted to get some feedback from the general public:

What do you think of this picture?

I wanted to keep it simple since all the other pictures are very bright and bold so the contrast would be the only way to make it stand out, but I worry.. Is this is too simple? Any and all comments are welcome (so long as you're not just trying to be a pretentious tool)
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  • You don't really get the sense that it's a human torso with the filters you have applied. It looks more like pastry dough or a slab of whitefish.

    It's not a bad picture, it just doesn't really look like anything.


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