What is your favorite show out of these?

I just added old classic sitcoms.
  • Fresh Prince of Bel air
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  • Family Matters
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  • Full house
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  • Seinfeld
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  • Roseanne
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  • The Golden Girls
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  • The Cosby Show
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  • Wow, you're wise beyond your years, most of these were staples when I was a kid. Strong consideration for Seinfeld, and probably a technically "better" show, but boy did I love The Fresh Prince. We used to wear these big goose-down winter jackets back then called Triple Fat Goose, and the inside lining had a pattern with flying geese on it. So in Fresh Prince style, we used to turn them inside-out like he did with his prep school blazer to show off the pattern, haha. Too classic.

    Also, I never really got into The Cosby Show too much, although I loved Bill from other stuff like Electric Company, Fat Albert, and the Picture Pages shorts on Nickelodeon. So that said, I HATE that I love this gif. Obviously I don't endorse what he did, but sometimes you just have to laugh at jokes made in poor taste if they're done well-enough...
    I think that's what you youngsters call having #NoChill 😂


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