Who else, besides myself, has heard of the Wendigo?

Any true horror fan will have heard of it. There's game for the PS4 that makes reference to the legendary creature (Until Dawn). If you haven't, google it!😈


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  • Haha they were in Charmed and Supernatural :')

    • I hate what Charmed did to the legend. It's not about betrayal and love, it's about the dark side of survival instincts. Supernatural did a terrific job of it, though the legend is more prominent in the northernmost half of the nation.

    • But you have seen both, that's impressive :')

      Yeah, Charmed folklore is iffy at best haha

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  • The Wendigo,
    The Wendigo!
    Its eyes are ice and indigo!
    Its blood is rank and yellowish!
    Its voice is hoarse and bellowish!
    Its tentacles are slithery,
    And scummy,
    Its lips are hungry blubbery,
    And smacky,

    The Wendigo,
    The Wendigo!
    I saw it just a friend ago!
    Last night it lurked in Canada;
    Tonight, on your veranada!
    As you are lolling hammockwise
    It contemplates you stomachwise.
    You loll,
    It contemplates,
    It lollops.
    The rest is merely gulps and gollops.


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  • I've heard of Wendigo. It's interesting how they are associated with cannibalism.

    • I believed it was a Cree legend, at first. But then I remembered, the Ojibwas had the same legend.

    • When I read about it. It kept naming so many different people about where the legend came from. Also better not eat other people. XD

  • i have never heard of this..

  • Yea cause of until dawn


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  • they're not that scary, at least not in therms of folklore creatures.

    Things get really interresting once you deal with a Skinwalker or a Strigoi, or maybe you find the draug (not the skyrim one, a real norse draug). THAT would be interresting. Then again, you don't find them, they find you.

    • But just the thought the someone could become a beast by devouring members of their own species... nasty.

  • When I heard that I thought of the creature from a X-men game.

    • It comes from a Cree folktale (Cree are Native Americans that lived up by the Canadian border). The tale goes that anyone who was trapped during winter would run out of essentials to their survival and an evil spirit would persuade them to resort to cannibalism, in order to survive. Or at least, I think that's how it went.

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    • Yeah, I know. The Donner Party is a fine example of this. However, there is a psychological disorder called Wendigo Psychosis, where an individual craves human flesh, despite the abundance of food around them.

    • Okay. I still just think of the white Sasquatch from X-Men when I hear that term lol.

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