Batman what's the deal?

So i have a question on why everyone seems to like Batman so much. I get that he is a great detective, has a high iq, and some cool gadgets, but when it come down to it. He is actually a weak Justice League member. He does not have anypowers.
To get to the real question, Why does everyone like him so much. I mean if it is Batman vs. anyone, a lot of people say batman. I just am wondering why he has such a hard fan base that think he is the greatest thing to have been made.
Serious answers please no, Batman rules nuff said and crap like that. REAL answers please.


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    This is a video of how Batman would defeat every Justice League member. By the way, this worked, the video is based from this comic.

    Batman IS only a man, but he does the impossible. He has on several occasions defeated people that the whole Justice League together has had issues against (the White Martian invasion comes to mind, he defeated a whole team who had Justice League level abilities).

    He's the only one who uses his mind and creates practical solutions on how to defeat enemies. Many of his stories, instead of having a predictable ending (like winning by beating the snot out of the enemy) have an actual "wow, that was... REALLY clever" kind of solution to them. It gets the reader into thinking that although they may never have Superman's strength, you could have ACTUALLY beaten that supervillain or psychotic person using THAT clever method. He's the most realistic of the Justice League.

    Let's use an example:

    This is an episode of Batman: The Animated series called "Perchance to Dream."

    In this episode, Batman is placed into a state of dreaming where he is given EVERYTHING he has ever wanted. But he manages to deduce the whole thing based on a few clues (Ex: He couldn't read any books, as such, he managed to deduce that he was in a dream because actual reading comes from a different part of the brain, it's impossible to read a detailed book word for word in a dream).

    How he manages to escape is even better. This episode, and many Batman stories, often not only have him battle the enemy, they delve into his damaged psyche.

    He's really an amazing character, and I'm not talking about the mediocre-ish Nolan films. I'm talking about actual, real, comic Batman who uses his mind first, and his fists second.

    • I get that he is a well put together character but why do people think that he can kick anyone's ass. I mean Iron Man, Vader, Thor, etc.

    • Nah, he wouldn't be able to kick anyone's ass, most certainly not.

      But, if the opponent has a weakness, be it a physical or a mental one, you'd best bet Batman will exploit it in some of the most clever kind of ways.

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  • Batman is just a man with money. No powers to make him special. So he's more realistic. He's more relatable. Like we actually have a chance to BE batman if we get rich enough *dreams*.

    Also batman has some of the best villains. Who are also more realistic than some other villians.

    • Ok that makes sense.
      On that note though. Why do people think that Batman can just completely own Iron Man than. I mean they are almost the exact same characters.

  • I don't like Batman, never have. Even as a kid I didn't want to watch the movies. I'm more of a superman fan :D

    • I myself find superman better because well he is very god like and is a good character. You know almost invincible and has some great powers.

    • Yeah, batman is a bit egotistical for me lol.

  • I like him mostly because of the channel. boomerang.

    I loved watching it.

    The voice, art, gadgets, etc all drew me in.

  • He's dapper af and can kick ass without super powers.


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  • Batman's cool because he doesn't need superpowers. He's got the brains to defeat anyone through intellect alone. Batman, although human, is a member of the Justice League (which is comprised of metahumans) and is still regarded as a valuable member. So actual superheroes think highly of him.

  • Superman over everythaaaang.


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