Has anyone ever heard of the Japanese urban legend, Teke-Teke?

Japanese urban legends usually involve the supernatural, whereas American urban legends involve serial killers and unethical business practices (like Mr. Clean giving people cancer or Coca-Cola using highly concentrated acids in their soft drinks). For those who've heard of Teke-Teke, don't spoil it! For those that haven't, Google it! Come back and share what you've read!😈


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  • Anything you'd want to know about it?

  • You and these urban legends lol. You love that stuff huh?

    There's so many Japanese urban legends that it's insane. There are literally thousands.

    Yes I've heard of this urban legend.

    • Yeah, I know. It's getting close to Halloween is why. Mind you it's 60 days away, give or take, but I like to get in the mood early. One urban legend from Japan actually made the silver screen, if you remember The Grudge, which is an American adaptation of Ju-On. It's based on the story of Kayako.

    • Neat. Yeah I remember that movie.

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