Guys, do you guys think Cote De Pablo is sexy?

Well, I really like this guy in college. We are good friends and we do flirt sometimes. I was talking to him the other day trying to gauge what type of girls he's into. And he didn't answer right away, but we were like joking around and finally he said his ultimate girl (only physically) would be 'mysterious and hot' like Cote De Pablo. Unfortunately, I look very different from her. But he said he isn't restricted to that. I'm wondering, do you guys think she's hot? If so, what style of her's do you think my crush may be into? This is her pic:
Thanks for the answers guys. Im just wondering, why do you find her attractive? I know it's usually the sum total. But even so, if there were a couple things you could tell me. Is it because of the boobs or butt or eyes etc?


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  • she's beautiful <3
    uhm dont worry about it lol!
    he understands she is just a dream, and is probably realistic, and feels attracted to normal pretty girls like yourself


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  • She's like a very small crush I have since I watch NCIS from time to time. So yeah, she's super cool.

  • she looks good d00d


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