Which gaming system is better: Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?

I had an xbox three sixty for a couple of years, until some problems happened with my subscription and they locked me out of it. So there went my xbox. I hear the PS3 is better though. I am going to ask for a PS3 for Christmas, but I want to know which y'all think is better than why


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  • They are both awesome in different ways!! If you don't like changing batteries then go for playstation cause I don't feel like spending the extra money when I can just charge a ps3 controller. Both of them have good games so you should look up some games you would want for each.


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  • I say PS3. Let's be real here, with video game industry economics nowadays, 80% of titles are exactly the same.

    The main factor with deciding a system are exclusive titles, the controller itself, and what system your friends and family have (which is a VERY underrated decision factor).

    I'm a PS3 guy. I like the controller better, the exclusive titles I care more for than the XBOX360 ones, and more people I know have PS3.


    By the end of the year I'm getting myself a PS4. :-D

    • My dad, sister, brother, and little sister have a ps3, my siter also has wii u and my dad has a ps4 and my brother has an xbox 1

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    • The graphics are pretty much the same. I would consider the most, the exclusive titles, and what other people have the same system.

    • I had the wwe 2k14 for xbox with the Undertaker package

  • Xbox. Xbox in my opinion xbox gamers play more also they're less mods and hacks on xbox then PS

    You could actually have fun without anyone fu**ing up the whole game

    Not only that Xbox is a lot more interactive then PS

  • Haven't you ever heard of Xbox One and PS4?


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