Anyone is a fan of hunger games ?

I had to read the books then watch the movies. i think it's good. but i didn't read MOCKINGJAY ! CAN someone spoil it for me?


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    Katniss learns that District 12 was blown up, she now lives in District 13.
    Gale got a load of people out of 12, but Madge died, as did Peetas family.
    Peeta is being held captive by the capitol.
    Loads of bombing and film shoots and stuff.
    Peeta and other victors are rescued from capitol.
    Katniss becomes a soldier and becomes part of the rebels (as the mockingjay) to take over the capitol.
    Lots of fighting etc...
    A lot happens in the book, these are just the main points...
    Oh, and Katniss choses Peeta over Gale because Gale may or may not have set the trap which blew up Prim.
    Oh yeah, Prim dies, as does Finnick and tonnes of other people.
    Finally, they also decide to do one more hunger games, using the kids and grandkids of the old capitol leaders, including snows granddaughter.
    Snow chokes to death on his own blood too!
    I've really messed this description up, you've gotta read the book, it's the best!

    • Who are leeg1 and leeg 2 , and lyme? Johana and enobaria , are they alive? What does it mean he chokes on his own blood (i'm italian i don't get complicated words) , how katniss killed coin instead of snow. by the way capitol sent down bombs that prim and the others thought it were supplies , and boom they exploded. i'll be so thankful if you answer me those questions ! Grazie :))))

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    • No problem :) I still recommend you read the book though, my answer really doesn't do it justice!

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  • Read them all and seen the movies.
    I really like the books.

  • I've read them all, haven't seen the films. Why do you want it spoiled for you? :P

    • I just want spoilers. :p don't remind me of movies. CHANGES sucks xd. will ypu spoil it for me?

  • You serious? I love hunger games and read the books several times. Sprintergirl said pretty much everythign but she neglected the end. I the end Katniss is in district 12 and after a short time Peeta comes to her and asks her: You love me. Real or not real? and she answeres:real. 15 years later they have 2 Kids :D


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