How scary did you think the first Paranormal Activity movie was?

Just watched Paranormal Activity Part 1 for the first time, was not scary at all and the only thing I thought throughout the movie was how I wanted to bang Katie, nice boobs, pretty feet, I'd bang the shit out of her.
  • Scariest movie I ever saw
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  • Scary, but I've seen scarier
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  • Hints of scariness, if scary was a fart, this would be a a slight scent like a fart linger after 5 minutes
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  • Not scary at all
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  • Laughable
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I didn't watch the movie yet. I only saw the trailer and it did not scare me. It would be fun to watch with a group of friends.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Not scary. I never watched a horror movie that actually scared me. Especially the newer ones. Like Unfriended, wtf is that shit? a haunted Skype call? how about no.


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What Girls Said 1

  • it was more gory than anything.


What Guys Said 2

  • i actually donĀ“t really like movies where the "scary" element is allmost only composed of jumpscares.
    i like ones with subliminal fear you can really get yourself into.

  • At the time I was quite young and I was absolutely terrified.

    • oh hahaha, yea, you must have been really young, your balls hadn't even dropped back then

    • Oh no, they dropped. But only a little. I sounded like a squeeky Bigfoot.

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