How can I cure my boredom?

I have no friends and I have a broken family that I can't turn to. I am pregnant and unemployed because I lost my job because of having too much morning sickness. I don't want to be with my child's father and he's always at work. I feel like I have absolutely nothing to do to cure my boredom. I stay on my phone all day... wishing and hoping a local text buddy willl ask me to hang out with them. It's hot at home (grandma's house). I'm hungry and depressed. I have no one to really talk to. I'm afraid to take a walk because it's so hot and I have to water bottles or food (plus, there's a lot of weirdos and perverts that linger around and stare at me or try to talk to me). I feel very miserable and hopeless. I don't know what to do with myself and I'm afraid my stress is going to my baby.


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  • Try to put all your energy into various activities. Try learning something new, read books about various subjects , watch documentaries, find a workout that is appropriate for pregnancy. The best way to avoid boredom is to find an activity for the brain and for your body, give them something to work on. You can also research various things about pregnancy, birth and ways of taking care of your child. You can also try some cooking, some new recipes, or try getting a new job. There are always things to do and learn, if only you are willing.

    • Thank you. I have been doing these things but ig I have been too narrow minded to step out of my own interests.

    • You are welcome, dear. Take care and have fun! :)

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  • Need someone to share something?
    Then I'm here😊


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  • You should find hobbies.

    • I have hobbies but they don't keep my mind busy. I lose interest in them and that's only reading and writing.

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