*POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR NARUTO AHEAD* Do any of you think Guy is the strongest in Naruto if he could hold the 8th gate (if he were reanimated)?

Also, does anyone else think Sasuke is pretty weak throughout the show? The only people he's really defeated held back or were ill. And pretty much all of his power is gained through his eyes. Which is kind of annoying because if Sasuke and Naruto have a fight, it'll probably end as a draw.


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  • Whaaaat. You think Sasuke is weak? No way, man. Anyone who can go toe-to-toe with Naruto is pretty strong in my book.

    Although, I'm more of a Kakashi fan than anything.

    • I prefer Kakashi, I just think 8 gates Guy is far stronger. And that's what I mean. I feel that Sasuke is weak, but when it comes to Naruto vs Sasuke, they'll always make it a draw for the sake of the show

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    • Yeah, it is cheap. I was getting ready to laugh at him once he went blind from abusing his eyes, but then he found a way around that and I was just like... :l

      He's a cheapie.

    • Glad I'm not the only one who dislikes Sasuke.

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