What are your Favorite Summer Adventures?

So I know summer is quickly winding down to the last days, but I thought I'd just ask you all about your favorite summer adventures. What kinds of places do you like to go, what kinds of activities do you like to do? Road trips? Reading or movies? Concerts and music fests? Art festivals? Camping? Volunteering for some kind of cause? Extreme sports? Learn an instrument, art, sport, skill, or craft? Game nights with friends? Something else entirely?

I'm really interested to hear what other people do for fun and how you all make a memorable summer!

Serious and Non-sexual answers only, please. I'm asking this question as part of my self-improvement quest to become a more interesting person, to find new things to do and see what the world has to offer.
We're down to our last week of summer, folks! Does anyone have any ideas to make last-minute summer plans or memories?


Most Helpful Girl

  • When I was in school, it was always SAT summer classes. Now that I'm working, there's no summer

    • Ugh tell me about it! That's the thing I can't stand about adulthood... no more summer vacation, unless you're a teacher. But, you still have nights and weekends. Any special things you like to do then?

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    • In my city there's been a lot of food truck festivals this summer. I don't know if you have that near you but those are fun! I'm not even a huge foodie but jsit being with everyone and walking around is great

    • I'll check them out if I ever see them. In fact, I went to a food truck for the first time last month. It was a kebab truck with all kinds of meat, veggies, pita bread, hot sauce and gyro sauce. The food was dee-lish!

Most Helpful Guy

  • I can't stand the summer. I spend most of the summer inside hugging my AC. I'm a winter person big time

    • But you must do something while you are inside? What are some of your favorite things to do during that time of year?

    • Love to cook that's about it. I pretty much shut down in the summer

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What Girls Said 2

  • Traveling, beach, music fests, any fests to be honest, game nights with friends, anything fun really.

  • I love late night beach trips!

    • Ah, that sounds wonderful! I'd like to do that too, but the closest beach to me isn't very big and if I tried to go there late, I'd probably get kicked out :(

What Guys Said 1

  • going out sailing around the coast, i love seeing the whales in the middle of the summer when your sitting on deck, hanging your feed over the side. its the best part of my year i would say :)


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