Yo whats up guys and girls, is it normal to be intimidated or scared in football? (I didn't know which topic to pick sooo yup)?

Alright so i had a scrimmage today and whew, i play Right Guard on D-Line and a me? im not really that big like those big *** linemen you usually see. So i was up against this big dude and i must admit, he was actually kinda scary. Every Time i'd rush through that A gap he'd grab right onto me and fling me around like a rag doll (not really fun XD ). So at this point i was like, "Alright man this guy is TO big for me". But ehh i ended up penetrating the line anyways. So is it normal to Be Scared Or Imtimidated By other Players on football?


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  • Oh yeah. Normal. It's how you handle the fear that helps determine your performance and success on the field. Good luck man.


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