What's your favourite Les Miserables song?

I watched it for the first time last night. I thought it was really good, except for how depressing it was. Well, what can you expect from a musical called the miserable people? :P
I know there are loads of songs in it, so I'm putting my favourites in the poll. Sorry if I didn't include yours!

What's your favourite Les Miserables song?

(everyone in the film likes pizza)

  • I Dreamed A Dream
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  • Master Of The House ;)
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  • Do You Hear The People Sing?
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  • One Day More
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  • Who Am I?
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  • Empty Chairs At Empty Tables
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  • Other! / Never seen it
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  • "Drink to Me". Which is to say I've never seen it (I hate musicals), and that's the only song from it (I'm about 55% sure that's where it's from) that I know.


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  • hahahaha love the pizza!! That movie is actually one of my favourites, is so good!!! and the best song for me is I dreamed a dream


What Guys Said 1

  • Not sure this is a real question. Everyone knows 'I dreamed a dream' is the best. Just Kidding, I love it though.

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