Why is the Xbox 360 not going to work anymore?

I heard that xbox is going to stop working? What does that mean? and what does it entail?
I've been told that the 360 will be absolute. And you won't be able to get online or play games anymore...


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  • You could be talking about two things here.

    1. Overusing the Xbox or putting it someplace where it doesn't have proper airflow will overheat some important stuff in there and cause it to melt or deform. When this happens, you'll get the "Red Ring of Death" which essentially makes your xbox a hunk of plastic.

    2. Xbox runs on servers. As time progresses, the Xbox 360 model will slowly become more and more obsolete as people upgrade/ use the 360 less. In that time, some games won't work anymore as they require connection to servers that no longer exist.

    The first one is simple to avoid: just don't stack things around or on the console and don't play it for more than 10 hours straight. The 2nd is not something I'd worry about - by the time the servers close, it'll be like the original xbox - nobody plays it; nobody cares.

    • I've been told that the 360 will be absolute. And you won't be able to get online or play games anymore...

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    • Its happening sooner than you think, why do you think going gold is so cheap...

    • @Lyndsielee666 Really? Not too sure, I switched from 360 to the PS4. I guess all that talk about backwards compatibility and what not was not as great as they made it seem just a while ago.

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  • Theyre closing down the network. You'll have to pruchase an xbox one to play online.


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  • When you say not work do you mean actually just playing games, your xbox breaking from natural ware and tear, or just online game lobbies?

    No to the first yes to the second and third.

    • My xbox is in good condition... but i was told all systems won't work after a certain date besides the xbox one

    • Maybe xbox live gold in the far future but that won't happen soon. There's still more people with xbox 360's than xbox ones so it would be insane to just lose more than have your userbase.

      But in terms of playing regular offline games like say skyrim that will never happen you'll always be able to play things that require no internet connection.

  • I don't really understand the question


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