Do you know an realistic anime or an anime like Naruto?

I've been watching dubbed naruto since like 9 months ago and I've caught up on it and im waiting on dubbed episodes, people tell me to switch to subbed, i did and i watched it for like 10 episodes and it wasn't the same.. i basically grew up on English dubbed and trying to switch to subbed just isn't working..

So take a look at these photos you see how the naruto photo looks more realistic? i can't stand animes that look like they were drawn i know all animes were drawn but i can't stand it, naruto looks some what 3D do you know any anime shows that are like naruto in this 3D form?

Do you know an realistic anime or an anime like Naruto?

Do you know an realistic anime or an anime like Naruto?
See the difference its unrealistic and i can't stand the way it looks (this anime looks like it'd be good actally i just don't like the way its drawn)

If not thats ok can you try and list some animes that you think id like? i'll tell you my favorite genre's on a scale of 1 - 10

Horror - 10

Action -9

Romance - 5

Ecchi - 5

mystery - 8

fantasy - 9

comedy - 7

sci fi - 4


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  • There's this newer anime called Michiko & Hatchin. It features characters more real looking than Naruto and they're of different races to. You have mixed, Hispanic, and Black characters, also a few white ones. It's probably the most diverse of anime I've seen and it's really fun to watch. Also, Samurai Champloo is soooooo good!

    • A few questions if you don't mind lol

      is it in English dubbed,

      how many episodes.

      is it going to last 15 episodes,

      and where could i watch it

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    • alright thanks

    • You're welcome. Oh and I hope blood won't bother you. They're kind of graphic. :)

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  • One Piece?
    Meh, if you want something realistic, this probably isn't the way to go. But if you like comedy and fantasy, look into it. DO NOT be out off by how long it is. Why, 700 episodes went like a breeze for me!

    I think this one would fit you very well, judging by your scales there.

    Cowboy Bebop?
    What can I say, it's Bebop.

    Daily Lives of Highschool Boys?
    Now that's how comedy should be done in anime. It's made up of sketches about three guys around 15/16 who go to an all boys school and the stuff they get up to. I found it really funny because I also go to an all boys school so I could really relate to the way girls are depicted in the anime, which I won't go into. It's sort of a piss-take of the slice of life genre which makes it even more amazing. It may not look like much at first glance, but one you've watched it, you'll know how great it is. It's only 12 episodes though :(


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  • Naruto is not really realistic. Watch Gantz, Ghost in the Shell, Ergo Proxy, Death Note... i think Baccano! Is sort of realistic (not huge eyes, amazing animation) :)

    • I've watched death note its by far the only anime i think is better than naruto... it wasn't my style of drawing but the story was so god it didn't even matter.

      Thanks for the suggestions and i use kissanime. com will they be on there

  • The Apleeseed series, specially the last film.


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  • try attack on titan, one piece, fairy Tail,7 Deadly sins (all action)
    try Highschool Dxd (Ecchi), Nisekoi (Romance) and you should definitely watch Mirai Nikki (One of the best animes till now). Mirai Nikki comes under Romance, Mystery, Action, Psychological


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