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  • I had a thought, dear/ However scary/ About that night/ The bugs and the dirt
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  • Say wut, who's that?
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  • He's not bad, but I'm not a fan. I like some of his chord progressions on guitar and stuff, but I'm more of an alt. rock, pop rock, punk rock, harder rock kinda guy. His stuff is too pop and not enough rock for me. I give him respect though because can sing really quite amazingly and he is talented. I just don't like his music.

    I'll learn and play his songs with my friends to make them happy but they aren't songs I listen to in my free time. I chose B.

    • man, you're too musical with all this analyzing... I just him for his voice really :P
      So what do you like to listen to?

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    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I fall in love just a little everyday with someone new.

  • Those the guys that made 'goodbye mr A'?

  • I used to up untill I watched the video to "take me to church"...

    • and ya don't like it?

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    • No he's not gay... I don't think so

    • lol that's what he said at least

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