Gameshare "The Last of Us," DLC?

hi im jake im 14 annnnnd im new to girlsaskguys haha. i recently finished the last of us on the ps3 (greatest game of the milky way) and it was the best gaming expirence I've ever had. basically an emotional rollercoaster but anyway i really want to play the left behind dlc to find out more about ellie. so i was wondering does anyone with a ps3 and the dlc mind if i gameshare it off of them? i know it may seem sketchy but you can add my psn before hand and play minecraft and cod with me to get to know me! it would be pretty cool actually i might make some friends haha. my psn is MyNameIsJake19 so feel free to add me and we can chat within the next 24 hours! thanks by


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  • Unfortunately, I would not feel comfortable with doing something like this.
    I would try asking around close friends and stuff that you trust who also play it. And, if you can't find anyone to gameshare after that, I suggest watching walkthroughs on youtube.


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