Why do we follow the musicians that we like?

Beyond just the sound of the music and the voice ( a lot of music can sound similar and voices also can sound similar.)?

Do we find much more in common with artists than just the music lets on? Whether it's subject matter, their personalities, etc?

I find that wish a lot of musicians I like listening to, I would love to know them in real life and hang out and talk and even try and make music with them! Is there really a tagible connection do you think? Obviously due to the nature of what they do and being apart of their fanbase it's very one-sided with the fact that you know them, but they don't know you... but is there an actual form of relation there?

This may sound weird, but when I go see my favorite music artists perform live, on the event that they are in town, it's like a spiritual event for me. Like there's no place I'd rather be when I'm there, and I reminisce on seeing them for weeks, months, even years afterwards. It just feels like it would be so gratifying if I was able to be apart of their lives, more so than just supporting them in what they do.


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  • Well I follow a lot of r&b music artists just because their voices are amazing. I also like classical because they are the most talented musicians to me and quite a lot of other people. So its different reasons for everybody.


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