What do you think of this video about the Metal Gear Solid video game creator, Hideo Kojima stopping by at his biggest fan's house who?

just passed away?

I honestly found this video to be a bit heartbreaking and just shows how great of a person Hideo is and isn't just one of those typical modern-day game directors/creators who work in the video game industry strictly for the money. He really did seem genuine when he stated in this video that the death of his biggest Metal Gear fan is what motivated him and his development team into making the final Metal Gear game, the best one as possible. Sadly, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be his last Metal Gear game that he just made but on the bright side, he's finally leaving from a very greedy and shady company who doesn't respect him, his talents and his work.

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  • The Japanese are all about honor, and Kojima is a very honorable man. The same can be said about Satoru Iwata (RIP), who had cut his own salary in half last year so he wouldn't have to lay off any of his employees because the Wii U caused profits to fall by over 30%.

    • Yup. Satoru Iwata is also another one of the very few people (along with Kojima) in the video game industries that does what he does because he actually loves his job and cares for his customer/fans and his employees rather than just strictly for the money like the vast majority of modern video game companies do these days.

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