Where can I hire or find someone to make a sketch for me?

I have a friend whos really into johnny depp and jay seans work they are his idols for his birthday i wanted a sketch of him and them together like a movie poster or album photo but i can't draw and I don't know anyone who can. I intend to pay for the work done. Can anyone tell me where or can anyone do it. I live in colorado tho


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  • I can do outline!

    Check some of my work out here:


    • If you like it I will gladly help you :)

    • I like it 😊but how would we go about me paying you for ur work and me getting it

    • That's a good question...
      There are two ways!
      I Can e-mail you the picture and you Can print it youself :)
      Or I Can send it in the mail for you, Then you just have to pay extra for sending taxes :)
      But how you're gonna pay me, I dont really know...
      Do you have mobile pay?😂

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